for the people wondering why i'm leaving again this site used to be this awesome way to escape how shitty real life was-the social ladder, the stupid competition, etc, but lately it’s been just as bad. tumblr used to be where i could get away and feel ok and accepted online. now it’s just as poisonous as everything else, which sucks. everybody is in this weird race for followers, which sucks. people are being annoying as fuck and taking shipping too far, which sucks. i feel just as shunned and rejected here as i do in real life. i find myself leaving shaky and exhausted and pessimistic rather than relaxed (like before), just like social situations in real life.

i’m not going to delete this blog. unfollow me if you want, most of you all did so it doesn't really matter anymore. sorry if you disagree with me.

i'm going to miss all my close friends on here, you know who you are.

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